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  1. When are your new collections launched?

    Our new collections are launched every Thursday and Sundays. The new items will be available in our pop-up stores the next working day.


  3. What items are available in your outlets?

    Items from the new collections to be brought to each store are curated by our fashion editors.


  4. Will sold out items be back in stock? / When will a backorder open for an item?

    It depends on the demand of the product and the availability of the item on the supplier’s side. You can join the waiting list for the item and we will inform you via email if the item is back in stock.


  5. When will my backorder arrive?

    You can find the estimated date of arrival of the backorder item listed in the description on the product page. However, do note that the date is only a rough estimate. Please allow another week for the item to arrive and we will mail out the item to you as soon as we receive it.


  1. What modes of payment are available?
  2. Local Orders

    • I-Banking or ATM transfers (SINGAPORE ACCOUNTS ONLY) to our OCBC BUSINESS ACCOUNT 629570979001. For interbank transfer, select FAST payment option. Fund transfers must be made within 24 hours or the order will be cancelled.

      After you have completed the transfer (ATM/i-Banking) for payment, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following details (in this format):

      Payment Details
      YOUR Bank Acct Type/No.:
      i-Banking Nick (for payment via i-Banking):
      Transaction Ref.: 

      Amount Transferred: 

      Date & 

      IMPORTANT! *Do attach a snapshot/screenshot of your payment receipt for i-banking or ATM transfers.*

    • Credit/Debit card payment via PAYPAL. VISA and Mastercard are welcomed.

    International/Overseas Orders

    • You will have to make payment through credit cards via Paypal.

    I do not have a paypal account. Can I still make payment?

    Yes, you can still make payment without a paypal account.


    Are there any additional charges when I choose paypal as a payment option?

    You do not have to worry about additional charges. The total amount that you will pay is the amount stated when you check out.


  3. I have a coupon code/store credits. How do I use them?

    At the checkout page, simply key in the coupon code in the input field below, click save and the discount will be automatically reflected.


  4. I entered my coupon code, but when I checkout, the discount does not show. What do I do?

    Please whatsapp +65 84121889 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following details:
    Subject: Discount does not show after entering coupon code
    Order No.:
    Coupon Code:

  5. Can I use return coupons or discount codes to make purchases directly at the pop-up stores? 

    Discount codes and coupons can only be used for online purchases.

  6. Paypal charged me an additional USD1, what is happening?

    If it is your first time using your card on paypal, paypal charges a USD$1 to your account. This is a temporary authorisation charge. An authorisation charge is a common method used to validate that a credit card is active and available for online payments.

    Dpending on the card bank, the charge will remain for anything from a few minutes to 30 days before being released back to credit card balance. If the authorisation charge remains on the card after 30 days, buyer will need to contact the card issuer. This USD$1 charge is by Paypal and not charged by Dressabelle.

  7. My checkout page won’t load. What do I do?

    You can try refreshing your page and reloading it. If it still does not work (on Facebook, Chrome etc.), try using another browser.


  1. Where can i check my order details?

    You can find view your order details at At this page, simply click into your order number to view the details.


  2. What do my order statuses mean?

    Pending/Pending Payment: Item reserved for you, awaiting your payment.

    Confirmed: Your payment is received and item will be prepared to be shipped out.

    Ready to ship: Your item is packed but not sent out.

    Shipped: Item is shipped out at post office/handed over to courier.

    Cancelled: Order is void. The cause of cancellation could be because of non-payment within 24 hours.


  3. Can I amend my order?

    We regret to inform you that no changes can be made to your order after it has been confirmed. This is to facilitate faster processing of orders and smooth operations.


  4. My item is defective. Can I change it?

    Dressabelle seeks to provide clothing of the best quality to you. In the event that a defect is found, you can mail the item back to us within 7 days or visit our pop-up stores for an exchange. Please refer to our return and exchange policy here.


  5. I received the wrong item. What do I do?

    In the event that the wrong item was mailed to you, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or whatsapp/call us at +65 84121889. Please include your order number in your message.

  6. I have accidentally made an order without keying in the discount code (payment has not been made). What do I do?

    You can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inform us of the situation. Please include your order number and discount code to aid us in the processing.


  7. The discount does not show on the payment page even after I keyed in the discount code. What do I do?

    Check that you met the conditions of the use of the discount code. You should also check it's expiry date. If you still require help with your discount code, you can email in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , clearly stating your order number and discount code. Do allow us 1-2 days to process your query.


  8. Can I make reservations for my order?

    Unfortunately, we do not allow any reservations to be made for new orders or for exchanges to be made.



Get the full information of our delivery options here.


  1. Do you provide international shipping?

    Yes, we provide international shipping at a flat rate of SGD$10. Delivery will take approximately 14 working days from payment verification depending on destination. Delivery company is via airmail Singpost and is trackable. Do contact your local postal service with the tracking no. provided for your parcel updates once it has reached your country.


  2. What are your local delivery options?

    Courier Delivery is our standard delivery method. It takes about 1 - 3 working days. Your item will be mailed out within 48 hours upon payment verification. Delivery is trackable and is at a flat-rate of $1.50. If the parcel is not delivered, our courier will contact you to schedule for redelivery.


  3. How do you qualify for free shipping?

    All Singapore orders are eligible for free courier with a minimum purchase of $45. Local courier is chargeable at SGD$1.50, but you will automatically qualify for free courier when you purchase $45 and above.


  4. How do I track my Singpost registered parcel? (for overseas parcels only)

    Once your item is shipped out, you can find your tracking number under your order history (click into your order number). Your tracking code should start with RC and end with SG.

    You can then visit to track your parcel.


  5. Can I self-collect my order?

    Self-collection is available at all Dressabelle’s outlets and HQ. Please select the option if you wish to opt for self-collection upon order confirmation. You will receive an email from us when your item is ready for collection. Do collect your order within 14 working days upon confirmation email.


  6. How long is the order processing time?

    We usually process orders on the same/next working day. Depending on mode of postage chosen, item posted to local addresses should reach you within 3-5 working days.


  7. How early can the 2-hour delivery be made?

    2-hour deliveries are available for orders confirmed from 10am to 5pm from Monday to Friday only, excluding public holidays.


  8. How do I change my delivery method?

    Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding the change to check if your item has been mailed out yet. Please include your order and new delivery method and we will inform you whether the change of delivery method is possible, depending on the status of shipment preparation. Do note that if your new delivery method costs more, you will have to bear the extra charges.


  1. What are your return policies?

    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchases, you may return it as long as it fulfills the following conditions:

    - Item is returned within 14 days upon shipped date by mail OR at the pop-up stores. 

    - Item is in original condition, unwashed, and with the packaging bag.

    - Return/ Exchange is acknowledged and agreed by both parties (Dressabelle and customer) via email.

    - Accessories are not applicable for return due to hygiene reasons.

    - Order/Item was not fully paid for using balloons


  2. What are your exchange policies?

    Online Purchases:
    Refunds will be credited via a return coupon that can be used for your next purchase online. We do not provide cash/credit card refunds. Do note that exchanges for items in store is not allowed for online purchases.

    In-store purchases:
    You can bring the item to any of our pop up stores for an exchange/refund for online coupon. For exchanges - your item can be exchanged for a different size or color of the same design without needing a top up (items are subjected to availability). If you want to exchange for an item with a value higher than the amount you paid in cash for the item, a top up will be required. For items that are priced lower than the original amount paid in cash, the balance will be forfeited.

  3. My order was completely offset by a discount code. Can I make a return/exchange?

    We do not allow returns for entirely offset orders. Return coupons will not be issued for orders completely offset by discount codes/balloons/return coupons.


  4. My order was partially offset with balloons/discount codes. Can I make a return/exchange?

    You can mail your item back to us and receive a return coupon for the amount you paid in cash (after balloons/code has been applied). If any coupon code was used, the coupon code value is forfeited and the returns value will be prorated according to the value of the items purchased.


  5. How do I make a return/exchange by post?

    Drop us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we will process the return and issue you the return address. You can then mail your item back by normal or registered postage. You will be provided with an order credit in the form of coupon code (valid for 90 days only) that can be used online. Processing time will take 1-2 days upon receiving the return parcel. Do note that you will have to bear the costs of return shipment. We do not provide cash refunds. Dressabelle will also not be responsible for lost mail via normal postage.


  6. How do I make a return/exchange in person?

    You may drop off your return item at any of our pop-up stores. Do note that it has to be within 14 days from shipped date. You will be issued with a return coupon code that you can use to offset your next online purchase within 3 working days.

  7. What is your coupon code policy?

    Our return coupons are valid for 90 days. You will receive an email with the code that can be applied for online purchases. Do note that coupon codes are not refundable once they have been used. They will not be credited back on exchange/returns. No further return coupon will be issued after the first return.



  1. What are balloons?

    Balloons can be exchanged for coupons that can be applied to make an order. You can exchange a $1 coupon value for every 20 balloons in your account.  

  2. Where can i see how many balloons i have?

    You can log in to to view the your balloon balance and activities.

  3.  How do i use my balloons?

    You can refer to this guide here at


  4. How do I get balloons?

    DSB Balloons are credited to your account automatically when you make purchases online. You can log in to your account on our website to check your balloons. You can earn balloons by referring a friend to Dressabelle. Do ensure you are logged in, and then access this link to start off! You will receive 10 balloons on each successful account sign-up.


  5. I have balloons, how do I claim coupon codes?

    Enter the amount you wish to claim in the field under "My Balloons" Tab. Your corresponding coupon codes will be generated on the right. If you already have items in your shopping cart at this point and wish to checkout with it, just click directly on the icon and it will auto deduct the total price from your cart. If you don't wish to claim straight-away, the coupon code will always remain in the account for later use. Do note that only one code can be used per order.


  6. What is the minimum number of balloons required to claim coupon codes?

    The minimum amount is 20 balloons.


  7. I am unable to key in the coupon code or there is an error.

    You may have already clicked the “use this coupon code” icon under the "My Balloons" tab. You will be able to view the deduction using the coupon code on the checkout page itself.


  8. Will my balloons expire?

    Unfortunately, all good things in the world can come to an end. Balloons pop as well. With effect from 1 July 2016, all balloons will expire after 90 days from date of issue.


  9. My coupon is more than the amount I bought. Will I get a refund of the difference?

    Unfortunately, you will not get a refund of the difference. You are advised to spend the entire value of the coupon.


  10. Can I use my balloons together with the discount code given?

    Unfortunately, discount codes and balloons are non-stackable. You can only choose either one.


  11. I have not received my return coupon after returning my item. What do I do?

    Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , indicating your order number and the screenshot of the invoice of the returned item.


  12. My coupons do not work after I have checked out. What do I do?

    Firstly, you may wish to check if you have already used this coupon before, or whether the coupon has expired. If it is not the above two cases, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or whatsapp us at +65 8412 1889 with your coupon code and order number.


  1. How does your alteration service work?

    Our alteration service allows you to alter your purchased items before it is mailed to you. Simply add the service to your shopping bag.

    If you wish to alter more than one item, you will need to add the corresponding number of “Alteration Service" into your shopping bag. Please fill in your measurements as per the fields shown. Alternatively, you can bring your item to our pop-up stores for our staff to make the adjustments. Processing time will take 3-5 days. You can opt for mail or self-collection after alteration.


  3. How do I gauge my UK/US size?

    Pls refer to the size chart below.

    UK SIZE 6 8 10 12 14
    EURO SIZE 34 36 38 40 42
    US SIZE 2 4 6 8 10
    BUST (CM) 80 82 86.5 91 96
    BUST (INCHES) 31.5 32.25 34 36 38
    WAIST (CM) 64.5 67 70 75 80
    WAIST (INCHES) 25.5 26.5 27.5 29.5 31.5
    HIPS (CM) 86.5 89 94 99 104
    HIPS (INCHES) 34 35 37 39 41


  4. What is your unit of measurement?

    All measurements are measured in inches. In order to convert to CM, pls multiply by 2.5. Remember to factor in the multiplication of 2 in order to get circumference. E.g circumference of waist in CM = measurement in inches x 2.5 x 2.


  5. What is Pit-to-Pit?

    Pit-to Pit (PTP) measures the length between the two pit areas of the dress/blouse when it is laid flat. This is the same type of measurement for waist, hips, cuff etc. To get the circumference, multiply all measurements by 2.